Reply To: I need confirmation that my instincts aren\'t failing me



Redwald and Beatrix, yes that is exactly the conclusion I made to get rid of my very sexy, creative, handsome, charming, gaslighting, deceitful ex. Many of the people in his family were con artists, and all of them were dangerous. His sister tried to con me out of my HOUSE. Fortunately my dad was a lawyer, smelled a rat, and he recommended an specialist attorney who helped me out of that part.

Then husband convinced me to garage-sale everything I owned that would not fit into a Dodge Omni (small car) and we took off across the country. I lose thousands of dollars in the rush-sale of the house. It was a great trip out, so maybe it was worth it, but it was also a big con. We were not planning to come back. We ran away from everything. But we came back “with our tails between our legs” and fought all the way home in the car. I think he was mainly interested in me because I owned a house. We were together 11 years. I wanted to get rid of him right from the beginning because we were fighting. But his very religious mother convinced us to get married. Then, his family turned against me and tried to influence him against me. It was a big nightmare, except for the good sex and many fun times we had. But after a while, he’d get really grumpy even on our trips to the coast, etc etc

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