Reply To: It must be exhausting to be a sociopath!



I’ve had three relationships with sociopaths in my lifetime and I never gave it much thought before about their sense of smell until reading the above post. But yes I recall all three of them had limited senses of smell.
Two of them also had issues with their sinuses, and two of them were also colour blind.
I also know of two female sociopaths who are also colour blind. One of them is my mother. Before learning of colour blindness I used to think it meant the person couldn’t see colours and everything was black and white! But no its when some colours are perceived an entirely different colour.
I know green was seen as brown, and remember one of the sociopaths would Identify pink as grey, and he couldnt see orange tones such as amber when waiting at traffic lights.

I’ve no Idea whether sociopathy is connected in some way to a deficiency in the 5 recognized methods of perception but I do find it odd that the sociopaths I do know are effected with senses of smell or colour blindness. I also notice other stuff about them too.
It’s the energy levels that all of them had which stood out the most though. My own mother worn me out from birth.. she was always the first up in a morning and ready to go! She never sat still, always on the go and has worked all her life. She’s still full of energy even at the age of 60 but she looks 20 years older and the last time I saw a photo of her on facebook she looked like a shrivelled up prune, I was actually shocked how much she’s aged since I last saw her 12 years ago.

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