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I can think of two sociopaths I have come across. I work in a field where there is a high proportion of sociopaths so it is no surprise that I encountered both at work. Both sociopaths were female. They were extreme narcissists and accomplished pathological liars and both were superficially very charming and articulate. Both made my life Hell.

Both exhibited narcissistic rage that was truly scary in how destructive it was. They both broke laws in order to exact revenge, and neither seemed to care about possible repercussions of doing this. In both cases the underlying theme of their rage seemed to be, “you saw through my mask so I will destroy you.” Both cases used triangulation to get other people to side with them (and break the law). During the midst of the ‘destruction’ phase in both cases, I felt that these sociopaths were getting what I would describe as a sexual thrill, even though neither is gay and there was nothing sexual in the content of their reprisals.

These sociopaths were unbelievable devious and spiteful, and any other characteristics or motivations they had were irrelevant to me. My experiences with both of them included paranoid, schizoid, aggressive-explosive anger, destructive, swindler and sexual-distortion characteristics.

I am always wary that sociopaths might be lurking to read postings to get a vicarious thrill from reading about people’s suffering. I don’t like to feed that beast. Therefore, I will gleefully share the happy ending that Sociopath 1 went too far and ended up losing her job. She triangulated too many senior people, who ended up looking like fools, so they had to get rid of her. She lost the thing she loved more than anything else in the world, her corner office. No kidding, all this woman lusted after was her corner office. She ended up getting the organization to give her an office in two different buildings so she could have two corner offices! She lost them both (and a very high paying, prestigious job) because she could not contain her own behavior to a reasonable level.

I suspect the same thing will happen with Sociopath 2. Sooner or later she will go too far. Both these women remind me of the Terminator in the first movie: they are broken and crushed and destroying themselves but even then they can’t bring themselves to stop. Their ‘type’ is, “relentless to the point of self-destruction”.

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