Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time



What is a good support system? I am going to counseling and my counselor is familiar with and promotes “no contact.” I’ve read and re-read a few books (Psychopath Free, Exorcism – Purging the Narcissist from Your Heart and Soul, No Contact, and others). The books and the forums were a huge breakthrough for me. I got rid of my cell phone and deleted my facebook account. My family and friends are there for me but they don’t really understand. I don’t even understand what has happened. I am thinking about getting on some medication like an anti-depressant or something. I keep reading and re-reading. It is still so hard. He is now in a relationship with someone else. Doing everything the books say, saying how happy he is. But yesterday he came by my house a couple of times to spy on me I think. I spoke briefly with him. There was no emotion but still… it was almost a comfort for me to see him. But I was doing so good yesterday… I can’t go back again. I’ve gone back so many times and it is miserable. I know exactly how the cycle works.

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