Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time



JayBird, The way you feel is a normal response to having been betrayed, bullied, exploited, and blamed. You loved the person he pretended to be; and you have experienced a real loss and betrayal. He lied and cheated. It will take time and work to grieve your loss. It’s natural to be sad and hurt for what you’ve lost.

It is unlikely he will leave you alone as long as he thinks he can get something he wants from you – sex, money, love and attention, glee from hurting and using his victims, whatever. When I finally understood what my ex psychopath was really like and I no longer hoped he would change and be the person he said he was who loved me as he said he did, he sensed that I was no longer an available victim for him and he moved on to another victim.

Keep taking good care of yourself and continue having no contact with him. You will feel better.

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