Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time



Can you block him on your phone or do you have children? I know it’s hard to take that step but it helps SO much!!! It took me a few break ups to finally get that. I would block, unblock, get sucked back into the same lies and manipulation but finally I saw the light. One day you WILL do whatever is possible to not let him contact you. Take the power back and you can do that by following No Contact. Nothing will ever change. You will continue going through the pain time and time again until YOU STOP IT. Again, read, read, and reach out to people. I practice telling myself I love me!!! I’m wonderful and so are you. If we weren’t wonderful, compassionate, people, they would have never chosen us as their Source. Embrace You!!! Love you!! It will get easier.

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