Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time




Yeessss!!!! I’m not wealthy by any means but I know mine kept coming back because I had a home, not living paycheck to paycheck, etc. He owes me so much money he promised to pay me back, it’s ridiculous. Looking back, this was his line “Can I get a small loan until Payday?”. Well….Payday came and went and once again, I would be the villain for asking him for the money I borrowed him. ALWAYS had excuse after excuse but I kept feeding this parasite!! Never again.

I was thinking last night how I am actually grateful that this happened to me because now I know, it will never happen again. Better now, while I am younger and stronger, than later in life, when I would’ve been even MORE vulnerable. Day 11 of NC and not one inch of desire to reach out!! Phew!!! One day at a time!!

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