Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time



Thank you for responding. It helps me. I’m afraid to talk to people about my situation.

I don’t have a medical condition but I have a good job and a nice home. When he moved in with me, I didn’t realize his poor financial situation. He had his own business but hadn’t filed taxes in 7 years! When I finally found this out, I helped him, strike that, I filed his back taxes and help him get his situation straightened out. We started a business which I ended up loosing a bunch of money. He ran that business but he says that because of my daughter having a baby is why it failed.

I still paid our living expenses through all this. A few years ago he started another business with another investor. I helped set up the business and did the books. He hired someone else to run the business, thank goodness, or it would have failed as well. This business is doing pretty good. He doesn’t really work at all now, just parties, gambles, and pursues women. He has the money to do that now.

As for me, he just want’s to make sure I don’t get too much money because I will give it to my “spoiled” adult kids. I’m still involved in the business only because I have a license the business needs. I’ve separated myself from everything else.

I really do appreciate those who have responded. I have some bad days and it helps to know I am not alone and am not going crazy! Thank you!

This is my first experience with a forum. I heard that it would help and it does. I might need this for a little while. I’ve not really gone “no contact”. I have maybe for a few days at a time. Getting rid of the cell phone and facebook has helped a lot. I’ve got to do more!

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