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Thank you for sharing your insides.

I met him and right away I recognized: he was a sociopath.I knew the traits, I re-read them again. I don’t know why I let this to continue. Maybe I wanted to know who outplays who.

He was a fraud, a lie. Everything was a lie. Everything on top of the lie was a lie. I found out pretty much everything about him. Maybe this is what was entertaining for him, thrilling, nobody else did that before. I questioned everything and then confronted him about his lies with proofs. He said “I like it about you. You don’t let me get off the hook. Nobody else did that. I feel like you care”

He said was divorced and single. I proved him that was a lie-he had been living with a young girl for at least 2 years. Still living. (Said she is moving out, probably a lie too)

My question: can he really feel being in love?
He acts and says things that I would expect a person who cares to say, something I would say to a person I care about.
He had forgiven me all the nasty angry things I ever told him or done, how I embarrassed him in front of other women I found out he dated or wrote to while he “was” with me (or did he forgive?)
He would come back every time after every fight begging not to leave him. Is it because he felt something he never felt before? Or is it part of the game? His way of manipulating to win?
I tried to cut the strings few times. Why would he not just leave it alone? Switch to another woman?
Can it be true that he felt something or is it just because it is thrilling and exciting?
He says he is drained and does not want to fight, he says he feels sick after each fight and can’t stand to see me upset or disappointed.
He says I am the only woman he finally felt feelings for which never happened and honestly, does act this way now.
Can it least those feelings be sincere? Or is he playing them? Or is he confused about it? Is it just a new thrill that he does not want to let go…for now…until he gets bored?
Please shed some light on it

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