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Sorry for spamming guys, but few more things I want to know:

1. Physical closeness with a person you think you care about..
Precisely sex life. How is it? Any feelings? How often? Do you even feel you need it as much as “normal” person? Do you connect emotions towards a person with wanting to have sex with that person?
Can you even connect emotionally?

2. How to get out of the relationship from a sociopath “in love”?
Blocking does not help: he knows where I live and calls from different numbers.
Is there is a way of “talking out of this”? Thinning the connection until its gone? Seems like if I text to him he gives hopes, promises and “builds” his hopes and plans on future relationship
If I reject him-the obsession is even more intense and he is trying to “win back”.
Is there a way of “weaning him out” with least possible consequences?

3. Now that I know who is that other woman, and I know who he is and I have proof (cheating, lying, talking about her like she is noone, talking to other women in a sexual way besides me and this girl he is using to live with.) He literally told me (wrote in sms) “I have been living with her because it is convenient for me. I don’t care about her, she is noone”. And only because I found out, otherwise before that he was saying he was single living alone.

I have all as proof in his texts. Everything.
Should I warn her. Should I show her that?
She may be just as well be miserable and maybe that could help her to realize its not her fault what happening?

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