Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



anoli777, I’m going to be a little bit cruel here.
Sociopaths can’t be cured. They are born this way. This is not a disease. It’s a condition. Lets say it’s like being born without hand. Not like you gonna grow it, if you really really wish for…
What he is doing now, he is playing with you. And please don’t tell me, that you are not enjoying it. You want to believe that you are special, that you are going to change him, that you will be the one to “save” him. But you are not. I was dating 4 guys at the same time. Living with one. And I can tell you one thing. It is so easy to manipulate people like you. You make little drama “you are the one, how can you doubt me, this is the first time I am feeling this way, you are special to me, because none did that and this before….”. And after, you can even make that person feel guilty… You just have to use word “love”. Why do you always believe everything you hear?
That man of yours was lying about many things. Why do you think he can’t lie about his feelings?
Once again, I don’t want to be cruel, but you have to wake up. He is just spinning you in emotional carousel, but you are the only one getting more and more dizzy…

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