Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time




You could not have described that any better. It took me three times before I did the no contact completely but today, as I was driving in my car, I thought of you jaybird, and your day will come. I was thinking how grateful I was to be able to come home, not walk on eggshells, know that I am not crazy, and finally have peace.

it is so very difficult to do the no contact and even still this time, at times, I wanted to text him and just tell him what an awful person he is, not only to me but to all of his other victims, his two children, and to his mother and his family, but I don’t even want to waste one second of my precious time because I finally get that he doesn’t care. They do not care who they hurt, the children that they show shallow emotions to if any, or the people they use.

I agree with Annette completely and that you should start making arrangements to disassociate yourself in all ways. If you have contact with him in any way, it will slow your progress down. I think the other times I tried to do no contact part of me kept thinking that maybe I would get some of my losses back. This time, I could care less. In fact, I’m a utilitarianist and better me, who can handle a little loss of money then some other poor victim who truly may not have had the money to dish out.

I know nighttime is the worst time or it is for me anyway, to want to text or reach out to these creeps but I find sometimes if I just hop in my car and go for a little drive, go get a Starbucks or something it settles down.

One day at a time and remember to celebrate every day that you do have no contact.

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