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This is just what I need to hear.
Yes I know this. And yes I want to believe it. He knows exactly what I need. And again I know it. (thats why I am here) No I don’t believe that I am going to change him…but yes, deep down inside I wish to believe that at least he had feelings. Some feelings.For my own ego.
And like any normal person, though aware and alert, I still go back to my “normal persons feelings”-trust.
The reason I am here asking this question: because I talked to few women he dated at different times and none said he said anything about love or feelings. I am just curious thats all
I can’t say I believe him. But I also can’t say I don’t want to believe him. its a vicious cycle.
Do sociopaths ever get hurt?
What makes them feel sorry for themselves? There must be something…Or is there nothing?
***honestly…not the first time I met a sociopath..but this is the worst time. I thought I could outplay him. But what I did not realize: I don’t have ability not to feel anything like he does and I don’t enjoy the game like he does. its sickening.
But why do we miss it? This rollercoaster of emotions? its bad, bad , bad and yet I find it that I am missing that high some times.

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