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Gosh – that’s a very, very good question. I’m guessing that the dating site (sites?) would not allow you go post a warning. But you could try — only thing is you’d need to pay for a subscription, and then eventually your membership would run out, and they you’d be back to Square One.

Is there one (or more) newspaper or craig’s list in your area, that have personals ads? Maybe you could post a warning there. However, I would expect that you shouldnt post the guy’s name. How about a description, h is occupation and other things that would identify him? Maybe something like this: “Don’t date this sociopath! He’s 6 feet two inches tall, big blue eyes you could drown in, wears a hat, dresses well, is a dentist…lves in south Boston, in a big house. hobbies include…Beware this guy! At first he will take you to your favorite music venues, art shows, movies, [whatever]…he’ll come across at first like a real gentleman and ______________, then he will [start putting you down a teeny bit, gradually getting you used to his putdown “jokes” and accuse you of being “too sensivite,” or “can’t take a joke.” and eventually will _______]_He will ruin your life. Stay away! You could run this in craig’s list indefnitely, if you keep renewing it once a week,I think. Maybe the newspaper would charge you for a personals ad. Ours didn’t use to , but now I think they do.

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