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OK I have same question.
But I have a hard proof that not only he is seeing others/talking to others/buying tickets to fly to see them, sending them naked pictures while he was sending me “serious relationship/I wan to have a child with you/I love you so much” type of messages and was seeing me, coming with flowers, trying to get to know my children
But what is most disturbing: he is living with a girl at the same time for few years!!!!! It maybe even possibly his wife!
He has access to her Facebook account so she cannot be contacted

I have hard proofs that he is living with her.
I have hard proofs-his messages that he was cheating on her with me and at the same time trying to get relationships from other women or asking for sex.
He is currently on online dating site with his profile and pictures etc.
He mostly circuits among single moms and mostly within our ethnic group.

I am so tempted to post his profile pic in one of the major local moms’ group warning them….As well as sending print outs of his texts to his wife (I know where they live, I know her car, and I know how to find her brother)
But I am too nervous if this is a right thing to do.
But to me it looks like I witnessed a fraud and need to act on it.
What he is doing is wrong and hurtful.

Besides I have all his texts where he denies that the girl he is living with is his wife or girlfriend and that he has no relationship with her, she just lives like a roommate and is moving out…(she will be surprised to know that I am sure)

What should I do???

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