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Good explanation. Its addiction. I give him that by triggering his reactions certain way, he gets excited, likes the feeling, cars it “love”. I get it.
(he even mentioned “I am addicted to you” phrase)

Thank you
Don’t get angry 🙂 I am curious
I know I don’t need a relationship with him. I knew it from the second date.
I don’t know why I am curious. You are right, I am playing his game. It scares me because I know that it can be dangerous. And it thrills me to see how I can be in control of what he thinks he is in control.
But he has been living with the same young girl for at lat two years.While seeing, playing with other women.
What makes him stay with that girl?

I just want to get inside his brain to understand how it works. Don’t get upset or angry please.

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