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I am going through many of the same emotions as you. anoli. I went no contact with mine over two weeks ago. He has emailed me once, a very nice letter actually, promised to leave me alone, do nothing to hurt me, and thus far has respected my wishes.
I don’t know if he had/has other women when he was with me or not. We were still in the honeymoon phase I guess. I am having a hard time with closure because I genuinely loved this man. I knew he was more than likely ASPD and I actually accepted it. We never directly discussed that possibility. I have read on Quora answers to questions directed to those with ASPD from others and it’s been very helpful. Some say they do bond with certain people..Maybe 2-3 in a lifetime. Everyone who has ASPD are not the same, just as neurotypicals are not. Some are caught up in the manipulation and it seems others just choose to be alone. So, in answer to your questions”¦.many on this site have been hurt deeply by those with ASPD. Will you or I really know how our ASPD feels about us? I don’t think so. Mine made me feel like I was “the one”. He wanted to marry me. He wrote me the most beautiful poetry. He wrote me letters about himself. Some truthful, some beautiful fiction. It’s tough because he always made me feel special. Was it manipulation or true feelings of a bond, I don’t know. My gut instinct told me to end ties, so I did. It is an addiction. I struggle daily.

We all want to think we are “the one”


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