Reply To: Can I warn other women somehow??



Mine had a “roomate” as well. Let me guess…he told you she is crazy. They tell you about how crazy these other women are so you won’t contact them. He recently moved out. He always told me that he owned the house until I looked it up and saw she owned the house. I also found where two years ago she took him to court for not paying rent. I’m guessing she kicked him out for good this time. That’s why he was pushing to be with me. He needed new supply. Yes, I have the urge to verify the information with her, but at the same time I want to be free of him. I feel as though she would tell him I was inquiring. I have no desire to warn other woman.They won’t listen. He would tell them how jealous and crazy you were. You would lose. Don’t try to out manipulate the manipulator. You know too well if you were warned you would have still had a relationship with yours. The sexual chemistry is too addictive. My body still is in withdrawals…nothing comes close to the physical high I experienced. Everyone’s stories are so similar it’s almost as though we are speaking of the same man. lol

Yours and the other woman’s relationships were different because he mirrored you both and matched what was your ideal. So he became that for each one of you. I try to remember that I fell in love with my dreams, not him….

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