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I understand that no contact is very difficult. I am on my third time of no contact with mine but this time it’s sticking. I have no desire to reach out to him and I know if he reaches out to me I will completely ignore him. Nothing will ever change with him because it can’t. he is broken inside and nothing is going to fix him. I really encourage you to do the no contact. Every time he Lures you back, you will be going backwards in your recovery.

I use all kinds of tricks to stay NC. if I feel like I want to text him, not to because I want to be with him, but maybe I just want to tell him off, I remember that he doesn’t care. They do not care about anything but themselves.

The only reason these creeps come back over and over is because they think they can get something from us. That is the only reason. Why don’t you make a list of all of the terrible things he has ever done to you and anytime you feel like contacting him read it. If I feel weak I read all of the forums on this site. I have read many books that have help me tremendously and I have reconnected with all of my friends and family that I was isolated from when I was with him. I joined a bowling league. I do anything to stay busy especially in the beginning of the no contact. I am only on day 13 but I feel so relieved and free.

I encourage you to just keep writing, keep yourself busy, really understand that you have lost nothing. Understand that he will treat every woman exactly how he treated you and understand that he doesn’t love any of you. They cannot feel those emotions which is how they can so easily discard us and move onto the next victim. I cross off my no contact days on the calendar and I applaud myself every single day. be really good to yourself right now. Do nice things for yourself whenever that might be get your nails done, get a pedicure, anything that makes you happy. I will tell you every day gets easier and easier. I know it may not seem like it now, but one day you will wake up and you won’t think of him. You will get a big smile on your face mid morning and think to yourself “Wow, I didn’t think about him first thing’.

One day at a time. It’s an addiction but you have to do the no contact to save yourself. Remember you can never get time back. Every day is precious time. Stay strong and Good Luck.

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