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Oh, no, I am not planning to get angry 🙂
To answer your question, why is he living with her. I can tell you my example. I was living with a guy for 3 years. I was dating other people at the same time. He didn’t know (atleast he pretended). To some guys I was promising that I will leave my boyfriend. Why I didn’t. Because I needed someone to cook for me, clean my home, go to the store and etc. He was normal. He never asked me many questions.
And it’s not like people with ASPD are evil in general. It is natural, that other people can get hurt, because it is hard to love someone, who doesn’t love you back. But it’s not like you can control it.
Why I say to be careful. With ASPD you need stronger triggers to get emotional response, then normal. And during the time, you have to increase “dose”, to get the same response. If at the begining to get some emotions good fight is enough with some screaming, later…… Let me give you example. I was with secondary sociopath for 3 years. If at the beginning he was just breaking stuff, at the end of second year it was already knives and guns involved. I am not even talking about emotional abuse, that gets so bizzare and twisted, that for someone normal it would be really hard to imagine. He can easily push you to suicide, just because he lacks strong emotions. And it is not because he is evil. Quite hard to explain.

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