Reply To: Help! I'm a wreck.. New here and Need to Vent. All advice, accepted.



Hi again, I did think of some workable advice. Does your community have a Women’s Crisis Center? If you don’t know, or can’t find their number, you could probably find it by calling your public library. Also, ask the Women’s Crisis Center how you can get a Case Manager. Case managers are really great people. They are so acknowledged that you will be amazed, than have tons of resources to check out, for people in very difficult situations. If you ever feel threatened and endangered by this man, the Women’s Crisis Centers usually have free shelters where you can get away from him. They will also help you get a restraining order. If the guy does not follow the restraining order, I think he can likely be thrown in jail. There would be some kind if heavy penalty if he breaks the restraining order.

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