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Some other important thing — document EVERYTHING. I know this is a huge hassle! Believe me, I know.

Do you have a woman, feminist atonality? That is also very important. Change lawyers if you need to. Ask the Women’s Crisis center to recommend a good lawyer.

The law pays attention to FACTS with documentation — not just “he said, she said” verbal statements. Write down everything from now on, WITH THE DATE.

Also Write down all that you can remember so far, with dates, if you can remember the dates. Every hurtful thing he has said (words), the time he broke his agreement and kept the baby overnight. The fact that he promised to repair his house, didn’t. (I’m assuming he never has owned a house! All the things you say, point to that. Ask your lawyer to get him to provide the your lawyer with a certified/notarized copy of the property deed. The court might want him to provide a deed, and if he does not do that, he is guilt of lying, which would definitely put you in good eyes with the court). Be sure you ask the Women’s Crisis center how you can keep the baby away from him!! People like him kidnap their children and disappear into another state, or something. Happens all the time.

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