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Maybe you are. Maybe you are not. You are young, and seem to have been bullied, and so you are feeling numb. Maybe this feeling could mess up your moral code enough to land you in sociopath territory in the future. I suggest not letting it.

Sociopaths (pathological personalities that are made) are not happy people. They’re not “cool”. They do what they please, and they hurt others, and they pretend it makes them happy. But inside they are a mess of contradictions and pain.

Look above at what “Me” said in return to the 10 reasons sociopaths are losers list. Look at the contradictions to the other things he has said. He is not happy, he is here much like you are, even with his diagnosis, for validation of his lifestyle. He is in pain because his actions do not fit his biology.

No offense intended there, Me. Just trying to steer this kid away from future pain.

So, Orion, just smile, clear your mind and your heart, and go hold a puppy/kitty.

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