Reply To: I'm new here, I have been ensnared by a narcissist.




As harsh as PPATH was, they are right. In a way, you are doing this to yourself because you allow him to control you like that. The only way to stay strong and stay away from him is no contact. If you choose to respond to his texts, know that he will always always always use you for whatever he wants at that given time. They periodically ” check in” just to make sure that you still are on their source list. They always have to have fuel. They never can be without several people on the list. If you truly think that you deserve better, which you absolutely do, but you have to believe that in your heart, then absolutely do not talk to him. Date others OR if you choose to continue to participate in his game, then make sure you go into the game with open eyes and know that he will never love you, you will never be his only, and he will always treat you exactly like what you are to him which is just a source of fuel. YOU have to stop the madness because he never well. Again, remember, we can never get our time back in life. Make each day count and be happy. Good luck to you

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