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Ok, I’m interested. I’d like to think on it overnight but how do we ask Donna and what exactly is an e address?

Until it has been mentioned in this thread by Sunnygal I hadn’t considered my situation to be in the frame of domestic abuse. I still struggle with this idea as I consider his response and behaviour towards me to be because he was stressed by my illness. I know I need to change this viewpoint. People keep telling me that if he really loved me he would have supported me unconditionally and not have grown to resent me. My problem is he was so incredibly supportive initially and then became very, very slowly resentful and unkind that I still see it as my fault. “If I hadn’t have gotten sick and put that long term pressure on him then he wouldn’t have behaved that way.” THAT is what I need to change in my head. Any help would be great as I’m now on my own struggling as best I can with treatment after treatment and it’s a seriously lonely place to be, however positive I try to remain! Thank you for your kindness.

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