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howdoimoveon- I’ve always wondered if colour blindness had some sort of link to the disorder and wanted to ask others on here before but i never did as I wasn’t sure if it was related or not. I don’t think even to this day that my mother is aware she is colour blind. As a young child I noticed my mother often got colours wrong, and me and my two sisters would giggle and correct her which made her angry and she would insist it was “us” that were just being silly and playing with her mind!
Then when I was around 15 years old me and my two sisters had just returned home from school to see my mother had painted and redecorated the living room in neutral warm tones cream/beige/brown tones and it was looking nice and cosy. But she got up on some step ladders and proceeded to hang up a brand new pair of “olive green” curtains with tie backs and matching green cushion covers on the sofa she was looking pleased and smiled while asking Me and my sisters “what did we think?” We looked around screwing up our faces and replied nah those green curtains don’t match and she looked at us frowning saying the curtains are brown!!! We ended up getting into a debate with her about it which ended with her walking out of the room in a huff replying “We are bloody crackers!”

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