Reply To: Indifference to a Narcissist


It Takes 2

Equanimity, I have learned that only time will tell what happens next when they try to connect with you again. I’m sure he will and it sounds like you know that too.
Mine still tries every great once in a while. I have remained stone silent 2 years now, but that’s AFTER 2 years of many fatal attempts at stopping contact. In the last 2 years he’s tried at least 4 X’s that I’m aware of to contact me.
Committing yourself to No Contact is what will keep you from falling back into their games. Knowing what I know now about these disordered people, and if I had been you, I would have just mailed the tags back in an envelope with no conversation whatsoever…that is, since you felt compelled to return the tags for his own good.
No Contact of any kind works great for us, but it’s deadly for them.
Just be prepared for how you will react when you hear from him again.

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