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It Takes Two,

Yes, I agree it only takes time when they contact you. I have been weak and have answered in the past. The last time he contacted me he stated that he is receiving therapy. I was happy that he did, but I no longer felt anything for him. I was trying really hard, but it wouldn’t come out of me. I cared so much for this man one time and no longer could get those feelings back. I think he sensed that, because he started crazy making. He told me to go get help because I was disordered. We know that they turn around everything around on us. I told him never to contact me again, because I was not interested at all. I blocked him everywhere. I also closed my facebook account. He will contact me again, because he’s so disordered he does this. When I broke contact, I honestly felt that I could change him, that love conquers all. No way, I know that he is disordered from all the literature I have read and that he can never be changed nor helped. I cried for months and could not find my happiness again. However, today I feel nothing for him. I don’t want him to contact me, because it’s annoying me. The first time he discarded me he contacted with the lies, I believed him so I went back. Months later I discarded him for all his crazy making. He contacted me 7 months later which was in February of this year, but this is when I no longer felt anything. No love in this world can fix these people. I am at peace and have been very busy. I haven’t had time to come on here, because I have been so busy. I am doing fine. I understand what happened to me and although no longer view the world the same way I did before, I am at peace and never think of him. I know that there is never a next time, because when he contacted me last there were no feelings. Now I’m disgusted that I gave him a second chance. However, I am proud that I never gave him a third chance and never will. Thank you all who have supported me here. To Sunnygal. Thank you for inquiring about how I’m doing. As you see I am doing so well and now I help other women understand what is happening to them. I say, I needed to heal me so I can help others. He can never ever come back, because I don’t want him even if he paid me a billion dollars to take him back for just one day.

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