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I am not really in any place to give advice. I’ve been trying to end a 7 seven year relationship. I am at day 0 no-contact, again. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried!

I am amazed at how all our stories are so similar. My brain still struggles with grasping this. I’ve been in a terrible place mentally/emotionally all weekend and then I saw him yesterday. I felt better I guess. Like I got my fix. But now I am back to the anxiety. So, I bought a new book to read. I just keep trying to educate myself.

As for talking to his wife, I’d say no. I’ve done this type of thing before and have always felt like a fool afterward. I know he has already prepped the other woman with stories about how I am crazy and how I neglected him.

As for worrying about him vandalizing your car, I say let him. At least you will have grounds for a protection order. I tried this in the past and you need to have good evidence. I did not.

As for texting, I got rid of my cell phone for a while to avoid texts. He still emails me. An I usually respond. I deleted my facebook as well. But I’ve still looked. He has done the exact things on facebook I have read in the Psycopath Free book.

I am still trying to get free. He is “dating” someone else now. I should be relieved, but it still hurts like no other hurt!

Like you said, I feel like a shell of the person I once was. I only hope that I can learn to love myself enough again some day to have emerged from this.

Please take comfort in that you are not alone. The words of wisdom here have helped me.

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