Reply To: Coparenting-How do I set boundaries, while also having no contact?



One more thing about the Women’ s Crisis Center, counseling, etc. Do not even say the name “Women’s Crisis Center,” “Crisis Center,” Safe House,” etc etc.

The temptation might be to threatten him about hiding, etc. Very, very important for him to know absolutely nothing about that center. And to never know you are considering hiding. Maybe he does not even know that such an organization exists, which is someehing you can hope he never figures out.

Suggest avoid any talk about counseling, etc. He would not want you “talking about him”. Thats their line. At least commmon onr. There’s also, “That’s our family’s business, nobody elses.” Do not go to mediation with him!!! Very dangerous, ,as he will trick you AND the mediator by seeming to be a nice guy, etc.

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