Reply To: Damn…I let him in…again



I know one thing from experience. Catching him in the act will not break the addition. I thought it would but it didn’t.
Congratulations on 2 days no contact! Keep it up!
I let him come back again last night. He broke up with his “new” girlfriend and came to me. It was a classic hoover just like I’ve read about.
I am feeling ashamed of myself. I love him I think. Instead of being happy I am feeling sick to my stomach. I hate to be the pessimist and be waiting for something to happen. But this is where my mind is. I know the devalue and discards have gotten progressively worse. So I am a little scared. I am also ashamed. I am sure many people will be wondering why I have taken him back after all he has done. I don’t want to see anyone.
At least I am educating myself and now know what I am dealing with.

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