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Congrats on Day 6 no contact! And thank you for the message~

I don’t have a facebook account. I deleted mine about 2 months ago so that I would not look at his facebook account because I knew he was using it to manipulate me. It wasn’t until someone mentioned he was in a relationship on facebook that I looked. Then I promised myself I would not look again and I wouldn’t for a few days, then I would. I created a fake account last weekend. Which I haven’t used in several days. I just need to delete it. It is amazing to me the impact of social media.

What I cling to is that I am educating myself more and more. Yes, I’ve let myself be drawn back in again but I am more aware than I ever have before. I am reading another really good book called Healing from Hidden Abuse. This has been helping me. I am trying not to beat myself up for going back. I could make many excuses for myself. It doesn’t matter. I am back to wondering if I am ever going to recover from this. I’ve had some serious bouts with anxiety over the last several days. I just have to keep on doing the best I can.

Thanks for your messages!

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