Reply To: Narcissist or PTSD



I’ve been thinking about the issue Sunnygal has pointed out. “I am not your therapist,” I’ve said to people before….

As ks has pointed out, though “he has to want to [do whatever he needs to do.]”

I managed to get one of my husbands to accompany me (come with me only, as it turned out) to a minister who we thought would help. Two unfortunate results: One, the MINUTE we walked out the door of the minister’s office after our talk with him, the husband LANDED ON ME like ton of verbal bricks. Criticizing me for things I said in the session! Truths that the husb. did not want revealed. Later, I called the minister, and he blamed ME for the difficulties in my marriage! So, ks, it’s important for the man to find a therapist who specialized in issues appropriate. The $1000 question is, how to find such a therapist. Since you man may not? or doesn’t? acknowleg what sort of problem he has, I believe it’s unlikely he’ll try to find such a therapist. Also, any therapist worth their wages will NOT allow another person to make an appointment FOR someone else.

Another example is, I went to a psychiatrist for some serious problems I was having. There was a new intern coming in to the clinic to do a group. I told the psychiatrist I wanted to be in that group. His reply: “I don’t think the intern is experienced enough to deal with the problems you are having.” So the psychiatrist would not approve me to go the group.

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