Reply To: Married to high functioning sociopath



Thanks for the replies.
I think the ideas highlight our need to put people in neat little boxes with labels. These characteristics are just a set, and some will have more while others less. In my husband’s case he has pquite a few. But he isn’t violent and definitely not on the autistic spectrum. I know the difference.

I know there are others out there like him but I suspected it would be a needle in a haystack to find them. There are those who have serious diminished affect but still function well within society and in relatively normal relationships. Again, we want to label and neatly categorize people. I would have chosen better by calling him a person with ASPD characteristics. I’ve known him 30 years, I have a fairly thorough understanding of how he behaves. Sociopathic characteristics are ones we all can have, to some extent. He just happens to have more than the average.
Not all people with these characteristics are out to hurt. Love fraud might be the wrong place to look for those of us who are partnered with such a person. As mentioned, I doubt many are even aware of it but I also am willing to bet their families know something is “off.”

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