Reply To: People that were w a Path-did your BFF's think everythng was Great?



Just want to say I’m feeling real bad that you’re having this horrible man invading our lives. One possibility might be for you two sisters who are wanting to free your other sister from him, would be able to call a women’s crisis line, and ask for advice/help. They would most likely have some ideas/tools, and hopefully even a support group for family members.

At this point, I can only tell you that this is a common effort of the sociopath. Maybe this will validate that you and your sister are by no means the only ones who have had or have this experience. I wish I could offer you tools to solve the problem — hope someone on the forum can do so….quite likely they will. Maybe I’ll think if something later.

You wrote: “Her friends will say, “She is happy – .. and she wants and needs him, especially during her cancer.”

I think a lot of sociopaths pull this stunt – they talk wonderful about their partner outside the home, then abuse her behind closed doors. I’ve experienced this at least twice. They want everyone to love the guy, and that’s another tactic to put her friends and family on his side, and against her, and think she is imagining things or blaming him when he’s he’s the one who is taking care of her. He gets her most deep feelings and issues, and turns them against her.

There is a troubling movie about this tactic — it’s called “Mister Wrong,” with Ellen DeGeneres. She is her usual comedic self but it’s tragic.

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