Reply To: I am leaving – but I feel bad because I am not confronting him before leaving



PS: Look into Adrenal fatigue & the symptoms. Most victims suffer from anxiety & depression because of the stress they have been under in their toxic relationship. Look at sites like

Adrenal Fatigue. org
Dr Lam. com

plus google.

Know that when we have a normal break up our bodies release high levels of cortisol & adrenaline. But with a sociopath toxic relationship our bodies have continuously released high levels of cortisol & adrenaline this is the stress you are feeling and when you leave your stress level will go up because of the high levels of cortisol & adrenaline that is naturally released with a break up.

Google: “Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube” to watch their interview on listening to your gut. Gavin Debecker is the author of The Gift of fear (an excellent book to remind yourself to listen to your gut).

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