Reply To: Failed at No Contact



cyndyinaz, thanks for our appreciation of my post/s. As for this … it’s certainly not true for everyone!!! “each time I became more knowledgeable about their behavior, the better they got at fooling me” I know that some people find their kind, generous, etc life partner, the second time around! Not everyone is as stupid? vulnerable? as I was.

Another thing that really, really helped me — well, first of all, I never read the Religion page in the newspaper. But the ONE TIME I did, a minister wrote something that is SO TRUE, and I never knew this. He said, “You can forgive someone, but that not mean you have to have them IN YOUR LIFE.” Well, would forgive and forgive and forgive, and believe it was fine from then on. Not! This minister’s insight opened a whole new door for me.

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