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Regarding going to Africa, I went there one time when a husband got a job working for the government of an African country. If anyone here does consider moving overseas, I urge you to be extremely careful, exp. if you go to a Third World (under developed) country. You could get trapped there by their government and never get out. They might take away all your US or other first world valuable dollars, and exchange it for worthless local money.

Most of that really happened to us, except smooth-talking me got myself out, and I later had to pay thousands of dollars to get him out. (The whole trip was his idea….guess who got tricked into moving??) I contacted the office of our state’s Federal senators, and also Ted Kennedy’s office. Senator Ted Kennedy’s office helped get him out. Also, some of the African countries — and Balkan and southern American and who knows where else — are in a perpetual state of war, or genocide. Bites from poison creatures can kill you — poisonous fish if you step on one, insects, and I don’t know what. Tropical diseases. There were people we met there who were dead a few weeks or months after they got there — one by an industrial accident that may have been sabotage, and the other by a deadly disease, leaving her distraught husband there alone. I myself was sick for four months — in bed — after I got back. No doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. I was tested for just about everything imaginable. We were all afraid I would die. Even after the low-grade fever wen away I was still too weak to work, for the total of about one years. I now have to wonder if all the zillion inoculations that were required to go there (that is, if I wanted to return to the United States) may have given me some sort of auto-immune condition, but of course I don’t really know.

IF you want to work overseas be very careful that you work for a REPUTABLE organization known in your own country. There are lots and lots of organizations that would just love to lure you into one of their programs — and they can seriously mislead you, as to how much money you’d earn, how much buying power whatever you are promised to earn, what kind of housing and living conditions…who knows what. Some companies will build a savings account in your own home country, for you to have when you return home. This is MARVELOUS and something you might want to negotiate for.

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