Reply To: People that were w a Path-did your BFF's think everythng was Great?



Dear Synergy,

Thank you so much for the kind words. I have reached out to a shelter place however they said they are just there for the actual victim. I’m sure there are more places I can try to reach out to though. I have put it in God’s hands right now, praying he will wake her up soon. I’ll definitely try to find the movie to watch. So weird, I never even said the word or really knew what a sociopath (path) was until this jerk came into our lives….now I’ve learned so much that I think there should be so much more out there for people to learn before they get taken from one.

And now I hear from our dad (he’s the middle man, poor thing) my sister is having difficulties with her implants, having to go into an oxygen tank 5 days a week, so I just wish so bad I could be there to help her, but he has her thinking I’m a bully and terrible sister & she hates me and doesn’t want me around. I’m 100\% positive she’s not thinking straight….there’s no way she wouldn’t want us sisters around!! It’s just awful!!!

Thanks again for your comment!!

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