Reply To: I am leaving – but I feel bad because I am not confronting him before leaving



cyndyinaz You wrote — “Even though I don’t think he would ever physically hurt me…” My ex- almost killed me several times through “negligence.” Once he almost pushed me over a bridge. Another time, he pushed me and I almost feel into a frozen bay when the weather temperature was below 20 degrees. One time he installed a wall heater in a dangerous way that could have started a fire. I insisted on getting an expert inspector to look at it. He resisted because he thought he was a highly skilled maintenance man –which he was not. He “repaired” some wiring in the attic. After I kicked him out (I paid for the house, not him) I called an electrician to inspect the wiring in the attic. When he came down, his face was white as a sheet. He told me the house could have caught fire at any moment. The ex- knew I had suicidal thoughts, but no plan. So he offered to help me commit suicide by driving me to a forest with some pills, and leavening me there. I think he married me because I owned a house, and he wanted it.

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