Reply To: I am leaving – but I feel bad because I am not confronting him before leaving



Stargazer wrote, “… consider that the act of completely cutting him off without even so much as an explanation is the best revenge you can get against him.” Umm Hmmm. Revenge? Will he really care if you are trying to get revenge? Although we know that a lot of sociopaths will stalk a person, threaten and endanger her,etc etc, another possibility is he will entice (marry?) another woman within 6 months, if not sooner. My experience with two sociopaths, anyway. One was married a few months later to a mutual friend of ours. The other one was engaged right a way. I got her phone number and told her my experience with him. She did break up with him, but I do not know if that was at least in part due to my phone call to her.

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