Reply To: Married to high functioning sociopath



Every sociopath is different.

Mine was never physical – at least – until I broke from his “serial provoking” and SNAPPED one day after 8 years of mental, emotional and verbal abuse and only “came to” to realize that I had gotten up out of the chair, gone around the desk and was hitting him on the back (ineffectively, I might add) Once I realized what I was doing – I stopped, shocked. That opened the door for HIM to start crossing the line with me cuz now he could – and did – hold it over my head that HE could’ve called the cops on ME.

He appears to be affectionate with the children and sometimes with me. A lot of what you originally wrote resonated with me. Mine never cheated, as far as I can tell, and I never believed he was a porn user – though I’m indifferent – maybe that will come to light later (I left 2 months ago) maybe it won’t Doesn’t matter.

Mine could not hold down a job TOtally parasitic relationship. I did EVERYTHING and he lived off of me. WIth 5 kids and a full-time Job, I had NO LIFE.

Anyway – mine is officially diagnosed as a Narcissistic Personality Disorder – so don’t discount that hey may INDEED be one of the Cluster B Exploitative Personalities – you’re just not in a position to be able to officially diagnose him cuz that takes a LOT of training

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