Reply To: Dealing with mutual friends



Welcome, auri12! I post pretty frequently. My relationshipSSS with sociopaths are long over. But your question about mutual friends is indeed a tough one.

My ex-and I had three mutual friends — an older couple, and the woman and I were very close. And a single woman who the ex- urged me to get to know. The single woman and I had some things in common, but I believe she also has some sort of personality problem — I have no idea, really, what her problem is. But she is “pleasantly” very argumentative. She challenges EVERYTHING I would say — and essentially try to destroy my reasoning and my belief system. She also has virtually no personal ethics. I broke off from her 3 times, and this last time — maybe 6 months ago — I just could not stand it anymore. I was under stress for a long time, just thinking about her and how miserable she made me feel. She has had the courtesy or wisdom to not contact me, thank goodness.

As for the other two mutual friends, I just still feel really bad about my friend who was 20 years older than me, and had SO MANY WONDERFUL things she knew, and shared with me. I loved her. I feel really bad that I had not stayed in touch with her. True, we did not live in the same state (USA) but I don’t know what happened, exactly, that we no longer saw each other. But another problem was the her husband and my then-husb. were very good friends. So, like you point out, it was a sticky situation, and, for me, and my friend I assume, very sad.

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