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Hi again, auri12. Sad. As for the single woman I mentnioned, it did not change the nature of our friendship — but it was never the best anyway, although we regularly associated (in different cities where we both happened to live at the time) off and on for 40 years. I’m glad she’s gone.

Anyway, well, friendships often do not last forever. When I moved to my present city, where I’ve now lived over 20 years, it took me quite a while (ulp.. several years) to find a friend. I went to several different organizations in hopes of connecting — the neighborhood association, where I was a participant for a while — got an award for my work to eliminate graffiti in my neighborhood — but no real friends there. AlAnon was one place I found good friends. Also in a church I went to for a while. I’m not religious, so stopped going to church. There was a lot of love there, and it’s evident when I see members around town, but one of the people I met there is a close friend now. Just keep on keepin’ on — do you have other close friends? One thing we are told is it’s very important to keep women friends, in case you no longer have a male partner. Or platonic friends if you are a man or in a non-hetero relationship. So if you have a wait period to find close friends, just step out there. Another great place to find friendship is mutual interests. I love other crafters — hand-work like knitting, crochet, embroidery. Or maybe you are athletic — a workout or yoga group, tennis player, etc.

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