Reply To: Indifference to a Narcissist



Thanks everyone, especially cloud79 and Sunnyvale for the kind words. I didn’t want you guys to think I had ignored you. Unfortunately my new treatment didn’t go so well and I landed up in hospital for a while.
I’m home now. Back on the forum and head still spinning a little. I’ve had too much time to think whilst being ill. I’ve realised that I was being emotionally abused and that hurts, especially as I was so desperately ill at the time. My parents say that why I couldn’t see it.
Anyway, I am on another new treatment so fingers crossed. I am also next in line for some counselling therapy, I can’t afford private. I am also interested in an email with Donna but does it cost a lot? Finances are really tight. My biggest problem (apart from my disease) is the guilt that I carry. When my ex left me he told me it was all my fault and I just can’t seem to get over that, I need to.

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