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you’re missing the point. “Me” is trying to explain the other side of the story. The one about the higher functioning ASPD’s out there who are not trying to hurt anyone around them. They are humans born on a spectrum, just like us all. By far most hurt and trauma in our relationships are caused by neuro-normal people. It isn’t a given that because someone has ASPD characteristics that they will be hurtful. They are different and present a different challenge in a relationship to their closest family members. I understand than most here on lovefraud have been very hurt. This is a site for support. But to chose not to listen to what it is like to live inside the mind of a person with diminished capacity for empathy and love is not helpful when trying to gain the bigger picture. Like it or not, there are many children out there born every day with either the potential for ASPD or with the traits already hardwired in their genetics. How we raise them and how we see their function in society is a topic that needs to be explored. These people can also occupy roles empaths have a hard time with. Catching child pornography posters or people who torture animals (sifting through disturbing images online), catching hard core criminals or working with the armed forces (snipers?) are all rather abhorrent to me. But someone has to do it. Why not someone who is not affected by it?
I’ve first hand known people with ASPD characteristics. Two have serious problems and the third does not. Perhaps a better understanding and knowing what to look for in the young child would have made all three better able to to cope in society and possibly given them a place to be accepted in an otherwise “normal” environment.

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