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Hi Hopeforhappy, should you respond? NO…more like HELL NO!!!

Your number one priority is to protect you & your baby from this ABUSIVE man!!!


Your post is absolutely terrifying! His behavior is terrifying!!

There are RED FLAGS with this man that he is willing to not only harm himself but harm you & your baby.

He could possibly kill you!! and your baby!!


Follow the no contact rule!! Dont weaver!!

He is not your responsibility any longer. You did the right thing calling the police! They did the right thing sending him to the hospital.

PLEASE Contact your local abuse center asap for Help with this RED FLAG situation!

You can call your country’s National Domestic Violence Hotline to talk with a free counselor and they can give you local numbers to local domestic abuse centers. The number in the USA is 800-799-SAFE.


Ask them for a Safety Plan & Exit Plan out of this abusive relationship. Also google those words to read up on these two plans.

YOU NEED HELLP out of this abusive relationship so for your baby’s sake get help out.

Look into a security system for your home. You can purchase one at any big home store such as Home Deport or Lowes starting at $15 for a door or window or a whole system for $100. They are battery operated & only take a few minutes with a screw driver to install. Ask the police to portal your street & let your neighbors know if this man comes to your neighborhood or home to call the police asap!!

Also look at the website One moms battle and their Facebook page too. This is a wonderful site to deal with custody issues with a narcissist & sociopath narcissist. There are over 30,000 victims (moms) on their Facebook page for support & guidance in the court.

If you chose to chat on the One moms battle Facebook page I would highly recommend that you open a fake email account then a fake Facebook page so that you can chat without your ex, his family, his friends etc from seeing what you are typing.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Keep reaching out for help. It was very brave of you to post your story here tonight. HUGE STEP in getting out of this abusive relationship.

Also know that if you have a restraining order against him it also means YOU can not talk with him. So dont get in trouble with the judge. KEEP THE NO CONTACT Rule imposted.

This man is DANGEROUS!! Please take steps to protect you & your baby.


Wishing you all the best.

Take care.

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