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31uptown, ahh you are so welcome hon. I know how confusing it can be…been there too.

I remember finally escaping my husband and turing to a counselor. The first day on her couch I told her I am so “confused, I dont know if the marriage failed because of me, him or both”.

That statement was a RED FLAG to her…by me using the word “confusing” it guided her to ask further questions and within 20 min of meeting with her she told me that I was married to a sociopath and that I was in a very abusive relationship.

Did I know I was being abused emotionally, mentally & verbally?

YES…but I was so confused. I could not tell you which way was up or down. He had my mind so twisted up. My ex had me listening to his words & not what I saw in his behavior or listening to my gut.

Sociopaths can twist our minds up with their words.

This is where you are at right now.

He has your mind so twisted up. This is another good reason why it is important to follow the NO contact rule. To give you breathing room to clear your mind from the brain fog he has you under. Your mind will clear with time. Your hormones & adrenaline & cortisol are thru the roof right now preventing you from having a clear mind. These hormones will settle with time.

slimone’s comment below is EXCELLENT…read her comment over & over. You must open your mind up from the brain washing & mind control he has over you. And you can not do this if you are talking with him or emailing him or texting him.

Remember this:

He is a Cult leader

You are his cult follower.


He is PURE PURE EVIL and with time & education you will see this clear as day. Right now you are in the dark still. That is where he put you & his wife to control both of you.

I can tell you from the wife’s perspective that my husband (now ex) was telling me he “loved me”, “dont leave me”, “I cant live without you”….

But it was not until the end that I realized that he was telling his mistress the same. He was playing us BOTH!!

Just like this guy is playing you & his wife!!!

YES…he is playing both of you.


When you are sad = read

when you are angry = read

when you miss him = read

when you are crying = read

when you are sobbing = read

Also watch the Vidoes up at the top everyday…over & over & over. Then relate all of this information to your relationship with this sociopath.

This will open your mind up & you will see the truth and will not be confused any longer.

Sending you lots of hugs!!

Take care.

Read Donna Anderson (lovefraud site creator) book LOvefraud 10 signs you are dating a sociopath.

Also Donna has a couch mentor program for a small fee you can find into on it under “contact” up at the top of her site. She also has a computer education program. As well if you look under the book store tab at the top she list books that she has read & you can do a search in the right corner to see if she has done a post on a specific book she sells.

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