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Hi Taylorlynnx11, I’m sorry that you were discard by this narcissist. It hurts like hell when out of the blue the just leave & to find out he was cheating is heartbreaking.

What i can tell you is good reddens to this manipulative guy!! Thank goodness you found out the truth about him! You were very smart to research his behavior & come to the conclusion he is a narcissist.

I think most professional athletes are very narcissist. Especially if they went up in the College arena where they are recruited and praised for their sports ability vs their personal conduct.

Both College & professional level teams while recruiting a player will literally bring them to strip clubs & brothels to get the player to pick their school or team. Not saying all schools but most do this type recruiting conduct. So these young boys are taught to mistreat woman & see them only as objects instead of actual people who have feelings at a very impressional age.

Then thrown in all the groupies and sponsor parties and these male athletes are so use to woman throwing themselves at them and their egos just go out of orbit. Plus add in social media which effects every relationship because a cheater can hide his contact of other woman very easily.

Coming out of a relationship myself from being married to a sociopath I can tell you that the best thing that ever happened during our marriage was him discarding me while we were still together & he was still coming home while cheating on me multiple times. Why was it the best thing?

Because I finally woke up to the fact he was never going to change. And most importantly I woke up to the fact that I kept changing to please him. Nothing was ever going to please him!! Not the 5 women he was cheating with in two different states or all the other women he cheated with during our marriage.

We women are taught that if our boyfriend/husband is not happy it’s our fault. ITS NOT OUR FAULT…there a some people that will never be happy with the one they are with. They will always be seeking out the “next best thing” that gives them attention & supplies them with praise. They will always be trying to fill their egos. This guy that you were dating is one of these guys. He will never be happy with the one he is with. Mark my words if he ever does marry he will be a serial cheater & his wife will finally leave him.

You deserve better!!


Do you know that you were settling with this guy? There are 7 Billion people on this planet!! DONT SETTLE!!

Yes, his resume looked impressive…sports athlete, driven for success, (most likely) good salary = stability, knew how to pretend to be nice’

But look at his TRUE behavior.

He needs his ego filled = this is exhausting for all the people around him to always be their filling his ego while he is never their for you emotionally.

He lied to you!

He cheated on you!

He manipulated!

He is a con man!

Do you really want to be with a liar, cheater, manipulative con man?

Ask yourself that question again!

Do I really want to be with a liar, cheater, manipulative con man?

What you see is what you will always get from him. He will always play his same pattern of mind games with you. Coming & going in the relationship, cheating, lie, manipulate etc.

Let go of this guy!! Let him go, he will only bring you misery! Mark my word they do not change they get more blunt with their cheating, lying & manipulation. I spent 12 years married to one…it was a NIGHTMARE…the divorce was the bottom of hell trying to get him out of my life while the courts & him dragged on our divorce.

And you Deserve so much more then misery! You deserve to be happy, healthy, and you deserve a nice, kind hearted guy who will love you & be there for you.

Who will NOT suck the air out of the room so that no one else can breath.

Best advise is:

1) Follow the NO CONTACT RULE (look this up on Lovefraud & also google)

2) Block him from your phone, email, social media ASAP that also means that you do not look at his sociol media to see what he is up to. YOU know what he is up to = lying, manipulating & cheating.

3) Tell your dad who this guy really is = a narcissist
Ask your mother & father to read up on this personality disorder. Then tell them they too need to Block this guy also asap!!

4) Every time you have the urge to call him come here and vent and read!

5) Every time you are sad, angry, crying, etc come here and read everything to remind yourself that this guy is a con man and that you deserve better.

Hugs to you!

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