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Taylorlynnx11, Jan 7 has said it all. One clarification — there’s likely a Women’s Crisis Center in your area.

Where I live, there is a group of Abuse Recovery Ministry and Services (A.R.M.S.) is the most amazing and helpful group I have ever been in. They have an ongoing series of maybe 10-15 lessons, which are repeate over and over. The groups are free, and you can start at any part of the lesson series. The lessons are printed on one or two pages, which give information that I never found at the particular Women’s Crisis Center here. “Although” they are an evangelical Christian group, I felt totally welcome and truly at home there, and they welcome women of every religion or none. They will not proselytize. Also, they are actively educating and explaining to misogynists ministers all over the country that wives are human beings with minds of their own. (I can’t state exactly what the ministerial program does…you’d have to ask them at their phone number below.)

Before I went to ARMS, I had the educational misfortune of attending a church service where the male minister preached total obedience from wives and children. I also worked as a temp book sales person at a huge coliseum where this all-male group Promise Seekers had books preaching the same things, and denigrating women.

They are ARMS groups Oregon, Florida, Montana, Idaho, Washington, California, Illinois. Tennessee & Maryland that are closed groups.

If you want to call us [ARMS] and get specific locations or the call-in number, please feel free to do so anytime Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM (PST) at 866-262-9284.

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